Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Increases the Rumoured Price

Rumours of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features and price mainly price was not validated yet and there’s another upsetting news already. Through some solid leaks it has been confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 that will miss out on a game changing in-screen fingerprint reader, will be even more expensive than originally thought.

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Quoting an unnamed Samsung Electronics official Forbes states that, Korean site Osen says it has learned retail pricing for the entry level 64GB Galaxy Note 8 will start from as high as $1,100. This is $250 more than a 64GB Galaxy S8 Plus and $130 more than a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus.

Osen says Samsung will also introduce a 128GB Galaxy Note 8 which, presumably, is going to be even more expensive. Osen states that price increases for certain components are behind the (significant) price rise, though it stopped short of naming specific parts. Interestingly while the iPhone 8 will also be the most expensive iPhone ever made, much of its cost increase has been tied to the integration of Touch ID into the display – something the Galaxy Note 8 will miss out on.

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Osen confirms, despite the introduction of a larger 128GB storage tier, the Galaxy Note 8 will still support expandable microSD. Furthermore the Galaxy Note 8 will still launch in August (26th to be exact), the same month as its ill fated predecessor. This means no generational delay and retaining the slight lead it has over Apple’s traditional September launch date for new iPhones.

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Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be Samsung’s first premium dual camera smartphone. Not only that it will also have 6GB of RAM (50% more than the Galaxy S8), a massive 6.3-inch Infinity Display and top of range Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets.

Fans are waiting to see if these features are enough to challenge Apple’s redesigned iPhone 8 or to reduce the heat of Google’s supersized Pixel 2. Whatever may be the case, the price tag is still very expensive for the Samsung fans.

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