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Nasdaq – Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft’s share price froze at $123.47

Amazon’s share came down from an opening price of $972.79 a share at Nasdaq

Due to a technical glitch, several companies’ stock prices froze at $123.47 at Nasdaq, including Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft


Several Nasdaq-listed companies such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft’s share prices froze at exactly $123.47 on Monday evening. If you are wondering what happened to Amazon’s shares, which started with an opening price of $972.79 a share or how on the earth Zynga experienced a 33 fold hike from its meager opening price of $3.65, let me tell you it was a technical glitch.

However, several other companies were unaffected by the glitch, such as Facebook. Although, at this stage, it is still unclear as to why some companies’ share prices were influenced by the data glitch while others’ were not.

“Any data messages received post 5:16 PM should be deemed as test data and purged from direct data recipient’s databases,” the second-biggest US exchange said in a statement. “UTP is asking all third parties to revert to Nasdaq Official Closing Prices effective at 5:16 PM, “ added Nasdaq.

The problem also infected the financial websites that depend on Nasdaq data feed, like Bloomberg, Google Finance, Reuters, and Yahoo Finance. However, Nasdaq’a own website was not impacted by the “bad data”.



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