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Android O update may be coming to the Google Pixel within a week

Finally we will get to know what the O stands for

Rumours are ripe that Android O update will come to the Google Pixel devices within a week and finally the identity of the “O” will be revealed

I have no idea what O stands for. As you guys are already aware, all the Android users are all waiting with bated breath for the big announcement. And yes, I am talking about Android O. We already had four developer builds and I think that should be enough for it to get ready but there hasn’t been any whiff in the wind on when it will actually come out or what the mysterious O actually stands for. However, David Ruddock’s (Android Police’s managing editor) tweets are now making us believe that Android O may just be hitting our smart devices within a week. Now, I am a believer and I have been waiting for some time to get a feel of Android O and David isn’t someone who would spell gossips.

As per David, if everything goes right Google Pixel will receive the official Android O update anytime now. Like everybody, David was also curious what O actually stood for, but it appears that his source failed him on that one because he tweeted, “As to what that means for Android O getting a damn name, I have no freakin clue”. Then again, he also ended up tweeting that they might push it back further, so to be or not to be is now an Android question.

There are a lot of speculations afloat and when a person who has had his head in the tech business for such a long time makes a comment, it does tend to pique your interest. The timing also appears to be just right; it was last year at August that the Android Nougat was released. So let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

To people who are using phones such as Samsung, Xiaomi and others that are not part of the Google stable will have to wait some more even when the release comes through. As these firms tend to put their own modified version of it in their devices rather than just go with the original one.

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