SUPERHOT VR, Oculus Rift’s former-exclusive game, now available on HTC Vive

Several gamers and experts have already heralded this game as the best virtual reality game available in the market

Oculus Rift exclusive game SUPERHOT VR is here on HTC Vive after six months from its first launch in the Oculus store and users will be able to access it through the Steam store. Several gamers and experts have already heralded this game as the best virtual reality game available in the market; so now if you have a Vive, it’s your turn to check it out.

The gameplay of SUPERHOT VR is perfect for virtual reality. The entire game is like a series of puzzles, where the player is dropped in a room with some weapons and a bunch of geometric assassins is headed to kill you. Time only progresses as you physically move your body, so you have to decide the efficiency and order of your actions in order to take out the baddies before they take you out, reported TechCrunch.

Things are simple till the time the geometric assassins use bats or knives to attack the player, but it gets intense, once at an advanced level three of them start shooting shotguns at you. You will definitely find yourself doing some messy yoga moves while avoiding the attacks and its fun.

The game just got updated with the “Forever” update in March, which brought various new modes in the SUPERHOT VR that significantly extended the replayability of the game. The update lets the player fight an endless barrage of enemies or fine-tune options so that they could play headshots-only or race through levels to beat personal best times.

Although, Vive has grabbed a lot of eyeballs, the most VR-defining games like SUPERHOT VR and Robo Recall have been launched as Oculus exclusives. This has led to some Vive owners downloading a piece of software called “Revive,” which allows them to purchase games on the Oculus store and play them on their HTC headsets.But finally, with SUPERHOT VR getting incorporated into Vive, the Vive owners will now be able to play the game natively.

HTC Vive, Credit: YouTube

The game is generally $24.99 but is $5 cheaper this week. So, if you own a Rift or Vive and have never tried it, do yourself a favor and download it here.

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