Call of Duty WW2 coming to Nintendo Switch?

Activision is reconsidering integration of Call of Duty WW2 into Nintendo Switch

After all the anticipation and wait finally, Call of Duty WW2 is probably coming to Nintendo.

According to the latest reports, Activision has reconsidered the integration of Call of Duty WW2 into Nintendo Switch, and if and when it finally happens, Beenox will embark on the development. This fact can also be confirmed from the latest tweet by Beenox, which features the members of the Canadian army, and one member of the studio, who is wearing a Call of Duty WW2 T-shirt.

Beenox had previously handled the Nintendo versions of older games by Activision, which indicates that a Call of Duty WW2 Nintendo Switch port will make its debut in the near future.

The fact can also be backed up by the recent development, where Call of Duty account holders can link to their Nintendo accounts on the official website, once again; whereas, up until now fans were only able to link PSN, Xbox Live and Steam accounts.

There is speculation that the companies might announce the good news during the E3, however, nothing has been finalized yet.

Call of Duty WW2 coming to Nintendo Switch

Activision has recently released an announcement trailer and also announced the launch date for the Call of Duty WW2, which is November 3. The story mode of the game will follow Private Daniels, as he fights through France, Belgium and other significant locations of World War II.

The full multiplayer mode will be revealed at the E3 Gaming Expo, although, Activision has also confirmed some new features ahead of launch. It is said that the multiplayer is going to feature a new social space for players, as well as revamped character creator tools and a narrative-driven Axis vs Allies team mode.


Credit: Call of Duty

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