Final Fantasy 7 Remake release date – not what the fans were expecting

The President and CEO of Square Enix has finally announced a launch date and fans won't be very happy about it

Final Fantasy 7 Remake was announced at the E3, 2015 by Square Enix, however, updates have since been pretty hard to come by about the game. Other than a few screenshots and a gameplay trailer no exciting information made its way to the keen gamers waiting to see more of Cloud, Aeris Tifa in their PS 4.

It was up until now being expected that Final Fantasy 7 Remake, which is scheduled to get released episodically, will hit the market this year to mark the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy. However, recently the CEO and President of the Japanese gaming giant Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda has finally given an update on the release date of the game and it’s not what the fans were waiting for.

Square Enix President and CEO, Yosuke Matsuda Credit:

According to Gematsu, the Square Enix boss said that the Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be released within “the next three years”. While showing a slide that contained Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Kindom Hearts 3 logos, Matsuda said, This slide shows our release lineup for FY2017/3 as well as for FY2018/3 and beyond. We plan to launch each of these upcoming titles in the next three years or so,” during a financial briefing.

If the Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches according to the aforementioned plans, then chances are the game will actually make it to the market by 2020, five years from the initial launch.


The announcement regarding the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake came just after Square Enix announced that the development of the title will now take place in-house. Previously it was reported that the gaming company was handling the development in partnership with CyberConnect2, but now Square Enix alone will be developing the game.


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