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Bundle of PS4 VR, Camera, and 3 Games on discount right now

Only the PlayStation VR headset originally costs $400

For a limited period, Sony is offering a bundle that contains the headset, camera but 3 PS VR games along with the PS4 VR on heavy discount

If you are looking around the market to find yourself a good VR headset at an affordable price, chances are you will pick up a PlayStation VR. It is not actually cheap, but compared to others it is a little bit easier on your pocket. You would need to cough up around $400 for the headset and then some more because you need a camera and motion controllers to go with the entire shindig. But, some days you feel lucky knowing that there is a guardian angel out there, looking out for you. Why do I say this? Well, for a very limited period of time you can pick up a bundle that not only has the headset, camera but 3 PS VR games along with PS4 VR. All for a princely sum of $300, this is way lesser than what you have to cough up on a regular day if you intend on buying even just a PS4 VR.

The camera usually is available for around $60 and so if you do the math, you will see that you have ended up saving around $160 on the entire deal. Money saved is money earned, and to top it all you also get Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, RIGS, and PlayStation VR Worlds in this offer.

This offer is being offered at Amazon right now with the code PSVRGAMES. All you have to do is add the headset and the camera bundle and when you check out, apply the code. As for the games that were supposed o come along with it? Amazon will email you the codes for the three titles after you have purchased the bundle with PS4 VR.

In order to use the headset, it’s kind of implied that you will need PS4; you can shop for some PS movie controllers too as several games support it. It costs around $40 a piece on Amazon.

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