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Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins review: Has the franchise finally redeemed itself? Find out here!

Here is our Assassin’s Creed Origins review; find out if the franchise is back in the big leagues with its biggest title yet
Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive: Here’s why the game was hated by fans ever since it...

Metal Gear Survive could is the most hated game of the franchise and it hasn't even released yet. Find out why!
Need for Speed Payback

Need for Speed Payback: Every car in game just got revealed and here’s the...

Here is the complete list of cars along with their acquisition prices in Need for Speed Payback, which comes out on November 10, 2017.
Rocket League

Rocket League gets a new publisher Warner Bros. and an updated retail version coming...

Rocket League publication gets taken over by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and a new updated retail version to hit the stores towards the end of 2017.
Total War: Warhammer 2

Total War: Warhammer free Mortal Empires update and Gore DLC is live right now

Total War: Warhammer 2 gets all new campaign which merges enemies form the first and second games together to form a battle royale plus new DLC
Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ new trailer released along with in game screenshots; Find out more!

Dragon Ball FighterZ reveals Nappa in an all new gameplay trailer, release date, system requirements and more
Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War new expansion pass and upcoming DLC details revealed

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War to get all new expansion pass and four DLCs in the upcoming months; Here are all the details.

Injustice 2 just got confirmed for PC and the Beta starts off tomorrow; Find...

Injustice 2 is set to release on PC this Autumn, prices for DLC packs and more revealed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Xbox One X

Xbox One X runs Gears of War 4 Campaign at a stable 60FPS, getting...

Xbox One X runs Gears of War 4 at an impressive 60 frames per second and promises to be the most powerful gaming console in the world.

Hitman gets all new revamped campaign, new outfits and Game of the Year edition...

Hitman gets a ton of new content on November 7th, new costumes and weapons, GOTY edition announced.