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‘Vikram Vedha’ full movie leaked online, available for download: box-office run affected by piracy

'Vikram Vedha' opened in the box office with 90% theatre occupancy

‘Vikram Vedha’ which released on 21 July stars Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi and is based on the Vikram Betaal folklore

‘Vikram Vedha’ which opened in the theatres on July 21 to positive reviews and popular reception has been hit by piracy.

The Madhavan-Vijay Sethupathi starrer ‘Vikram Vedha’ which is based on Vikram Betaal folklore and is set on a police-gangster equation has been received well by critics and had 90% occupancy in the theatres on the opening day. The film which opened across 350 screens in Tamilnadu and earned Rs. 2 crores on the opening day has been running successfully since then.

But, the ‘Vikram Vedha’ is now hit by the piracy and the full movie is been made available online. The film which earned Rs 17 crores worldwide in its first week is supposed to be affected by the piracy. The film is made available online for download in various torrent sites and seems to be a popular among the internet users.

The film which also stars Shraddha Srinath and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has been made available for download for free although the quality of the film seems to be low. While some films are pirated into HD quality, ‘Vikram Vedha’ pirated version seems more like a recording from the screening at the theatre.

Vikram Vedha

While the film industry is trying to adopt strict measures in order to curb the piracy of the films, it all seems to be in vain. The President of Producers’ Council, Vishal, earlier announced various measures in order to stop films from being pirated but the torrent sites and piracy experts seems to be bypassing the measures.

In case of ‘Vikram Vedha’, the audiences are also playing an important role in curbing the piracy with the fans’ clubs of the two leading stars trying to remove the illegal content from the internet, but if one is deleted, others pop up within hours which is making it difficult to control.

‘Vikram Vedha’ has done a good business at the box-office till now, but it seems it has been affected by the piracy like the films before and after it, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’, ‘Meesaya Murukku’, ‘Munna Michael’ and recently, ‘VIP 2’.

Here’s the trailer for the film,


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