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Bigg Boss Tamil: Oviya summoned by Nazarathpet Police for suicide attempt

Bigg Boss Tamil is running into controversies every now and then from Kamal Haasan threatening to leave the show to PIL filed against it.

Oviya exited Bigg Boss Tamil citing mental health issues and allegedly tried to commit suicide by drowning herself in the pool

Bigg Boss has made people celebrities in a few days, whether it be Rakhi Sawant from the first season of Bigg Boss or Oviya from Bigg Boss Tamil. They became household names after they participated in the reality TV show.

Oviya in Bigg Boss Tamil

But, fame comes with responsibility, and it seems like Oviya is in trouble over her alleged suicide attempt at Bigg Boss Tamil house which was deemed as a irresponsible act. An advocate has filed a complaint stating that Oviya had attempted suicide by trying to get drowned in the swimming pool. She has been allegedly suffering from depression when she tried to commit suicide.

Following the complaint, Nazarathpet police has summoned the celebrity for questioning. The episode which was aired on August 4 on Vijay TV, as reported by The Hindu, showed the celebrity trying to end her life in order to get attention from the Bigg Boss Tamil showmakers in order to get evicted from the house.


The complaint stated that Bigg Boss Tamil show-makers have forced Oviya to the extent that she tried to take her own life to just gain some TRP.

The Hindu reported Oviya’s secretary saying, “We have recorded the complaint in the Community Social Register (CSR). We spoke to Oviya’s personal secretary, who denied that she attempted suicide.”

Bigg Boss Tamil

In another case, a PIL was filed at Madras High Court complaining about the show’s content and asking the court to stop the show from airing due to vulgarity and inhumane treatment of contestants. The court has asked for details regarding monitoring issues to control the content of the show in accordance to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The next hearing is scheduled on August 18.

There are rumors that after the fame that Oviya received by getting evicted from the Bigg Boss Tamil house, she might be back on the show soon to the surprise of other contestants.



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